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Aluglass – Realizacja Piotr Kalbarczyk

Company the Aluglass – Realizacja by Piotr Kalbarczyk was founded in 2007. Our team, with highly professionals qualified and currently consisting of about 25 people, has an enormous impact on our dynamic development and high quality of services. The experience gained on dozens of construction sites in the country, Europe – particularly in France, and around the world, e.g. in Somalia, speaks for the company’s strength and competitiveness.

Investors’ trust and recognition of our solidarity has been reflected in the dynamics of turnover growth. In 2008, the company achieved a turnover of PLN 8.2 million, and it ended 2009 with a turnover of PLN 16.3 million. Turnover amounted to approx. PLN 21.6 million in 2010, and exceeded PLN 62 million in 2011.

The company is oriented towards two directions of activity related to installation of facades and glass-aluminum enclosures. It also performs the full range of general construction works, with particular emphasis on high-standard finishing works. The company operates as a General Contractor in all disciplines and also deals with acceptance procedures, designing, preparation of as-built documentation, up to obtaining a use permit or transfer of space to the tenant.