Scope of services - Aluglass - Realizacja


Glass-aluminum and glass enclosures.
We offer professional installation of:
- aluminum facades,
- aluminum, PVC and wooden windows,
- aluminum, PVC, steel and wood doors,
- partition walls, glass doors and roofs,
- glass balustrades,
- other, advanced facade and window joinery projects in Poland and abroad,
our facade systems serve to construct glazed building facades: office buildings, banks, hotels, hospitals and schools. Moreover, they are also designed to be functional and utilitarian. We have cooperated with suppliers of facade systems for many years, with such brands as: Aluprof, Schüco, Cortizo, Blyweert, Ponzio.


Works performed as part of general finishing works, along with installation works.
We offer the following in this scope:
- contractorship for installation and construction works: installation of sliding and partition walls, installation of dropped ceilings, delivery and installation of lighting elements as well as doors and windows. Selection, delivery and installation of floors: carpet, PVC, parquet and other flooring,
- delivery and installation of furniture: kitchen furniture, dressing rooms, reception lobbies, panel enclosures and designer furniture.


Offices, stores, restaurants, etc.
Includes a change of interior design and modernization of the office space according to a General Contractorship system.
The scope of these services includes:
- installation and construction works such as reconstruction of partition walls, replacement of dropped ceilings, adaptation and modernization of electrical installations, lighting, ventilation and air conditioning system, as well as fire safety sensors,
- floor renovation along with accompanying works, such as color design, floor repair, replacement of linings with new ones and disposal of old linings,
- wall painting, ceiling repair or replacement and painting,
- replacement of furniture, such as cabinet enclosures, kitchen, etc.


The full range of works, e.g. installation of drywalls and ceilings, all types of mineral ceilings, flooring and glazing works, joinery, delivery as well as installation of door joinery of any type, e.g. wood, steel, aluminum, fire-resistant, smoke-proof